An End to Wine Direct Shipping?


House Bill 5034 and Consumer Rights – Wholesalers and states convince Congress to consider new legislation to prevent direct-shipping lawsuits in a campaign to protect the three-tier system
A proposed bill recently introduced to Congress, while unimportant in the scheme of world peace and famine, may/will affect your wine buying rights. While still unclear, if this law passes, there’s a serious risk that wine shipping across state lines will become illegal in more states than not. While few of us stop to consider something this trivial in the realm of other far more important daily activities, that’s exactly what the wholesalers or those behind this bill hope for – apathy. While it appears far-fetched in 2010 that you would not be able to send wine across state lines, if you want to insure that your rights remain intact, it’s time to write your congressman or, better yet, Obama – he’s a wine fan just like the rest of us and he’s also a fan of the Commerce Clause.

It sure would be a long drive from NY to California to pick up your wine orders!
While all do the above may be a lot of smoke and mirrors, it opens discussion on the basic nature of consumer rights versus those of the government and/or of large corporations. In a case like this, the topic acts as a leverage for discussion.

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What You Must Know About the Bill to End Wine Shipping
If passed, HR 5034 will end the direct shipment of wine in many states. HR. 5034 is an alcohol wholesaler protection bill. HR 5034 means state alcohol laws would no longer be subject to fundamental Constitutional principles. Backers of HR 5034 claim alcohol deregulation is happening, yet they can’t point to any deregulation that has occurred. The purpose of HR 5034 is to assure that alcohol wholesalers (middlemen) get a cut of every bottle of wine sold in America, whether they deserve it or not. Small artisan wineries across the country will lose millions of dollars in revenue if HR 5034 is passed. Wine Consumers will lose access to 1000s of wines if HR 5034 is passed. The market for fine wine will shrink considerably if HR 5034 is passed. HR 5034 is based on the alcohol wholesaler-perpetuated lie that direct shipping of wine and winery to retailer sales leads to minors drinking wine and binge drinking. There is no evidence to support either HR 5034 amounts to alcohol wholesalers declaring war on consumers, wineries, wine shops, the federal courts and free trade.
If you are a consumer, join Free The Grapes and contact your congressional representative and tell them “Don’t Support H.R 5034”. Join theFACEBOOK PAGE “Stop HR5034”