An Epic Battle


The Wine Industry is finding itself in an epic battle… A battle of How to market to the future wine-o’s.

As many of you wine lovers know, wine is becoming the most social alcoholic beverage for the up and coming Millennial generation (as an avid drinker already, consider yourself an early adapter). Historically, Baby Boomers have been the #1 purchasers and drinkers of wine, both foreign and domestic. These Baby Boomers have passed along their wine knobbing habits to their kids, the Millennials. Subsequently, as the Baby Boomers begin moving down the line, guess who wineries, distributors, retailers have to turn to? The diverse, skeptical, frugal, green, multitasking youngins.

As a generation the Millenials are distrustful of traditional marketing and prefer to rely on the voice of friends, family or communities of online reviewers. Why? They don’t feel like they are getting a crappy product if someone they trust tells them its good. Simple as that. As much as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and the like may make your head spin, but it provides an on-line community of individuals that share the same interests. AKA Promoting your product for free! One adage will always remain – word of mouth is the best advertising. Now aren’t us youngin’s smart?

As one Millenial said so beautifully in a ‘tough love letter’ to the wine industry, ( “Wine is one of the most awesome products the world has seen – but it has [been] made LAME by this marketing ennui. Look at other industries. Get inspired. Take a risk. PUT YOUR BACK INTO IT.”

Check out more thoughts from a leader in the Millenial movement in the Wine Industry – Leah Hennessy and her awesome company at