Australian Wines Are Making A Comeback!



Bet you didn’t know January 26th is “Australia Day. ” Yes, it is just a day in the middle of winter to most of us.  But on that day in 1788, the First Fleet under the Command of Captain Arthur Phillip sailed into Sydney Cove, which is named after the Home Secretary, Thomas Townshend, 1st Viscount Sydney.  Since the 13 colonies had recently gained their independence, the British needed someplace to send their prisoners, so it seems from the start that our paths were crossing.

Why should any of us care about Australia, I mean besides the wine, Crocodile Dundee and of course Nicole Kidman.

[Pause for a minute to ponder Nicole and that gorgeous dress she had on at the Golden Globe Awards last night.]

The Aussie’s are probably more like us Americans than any other country in the world. Aside from the fact that they have had our back in every conflict since World War One, they are the only nation that has always had our back.  Besides, they appreciate us as much as we appreciate them.

With Australia Day coming up, I thought we should have an Australia Day Wine Tasting featuring a few wines from the different regions of Australia.  Perhaps a Shiraz, a Cabernet, maybe a blend too and something bubbly to celebrate?  We will also have some fun loving people in to help celebrate and it promises to be a very good time.  I am told we cannot get any Kangaroo fillets for the occasion, but I am pretty sure Chef Mike can whip up a fine shrimp dish or something appropriate.

If you’re thinking “I’m over Australian wines,” well you wouldn’t be alone. Like the ants that populate Orange County, Australian wine was a commercial juggernaut that seemingly came out of nowhere boasting mind boggling scores from Parker and others. Problem was that these wines were exhausting to drink and they wore us out – quickly. Hmm, sounds familiar, right Napa Valley?

Then, a few years ago, the Australian invasion ground to a halt. It seemed that all of a sudden nobody wanted Australian wines anymore. Fast forward to today’s efforts from Australia – they’ve radically reformed themselves after this wake-up call. You have to try Australian wines now as you won’t be disappointed. Gone are the high alcohol, throat burning, fruit-bombs.  Their wines have never been purer, finer or more profound. I swear!

So, please stop by Amazing Grapes on January 26th and help us celebrate Australia Day by tasting some great examples of what I’m talking about!