Can’t find a wine?

Special Order of Wine

Special Order Your Wine!

Have you ever perused our store or website hoping to find the wine you consumed at your favorite restaurant the night before…only to find that we don’t carry it? No wine store can possibly stock every wine that is made – but, we can source it for y

ou and order it.

Keep in mind, many of the finer restaurants stock exclusive bottles of wine, sold only to them. Retailers are often shut out from these allocations so ordering them is difficult at best – but we’ll try! Most orders arrive in a day or two, unless of course we’re getting it from overseas.Special ordering can be fun and just as rewarding as finding it in stock somewhere. There’s a certain anticipation of an order that is more gratifying once it arrives!

So the next time you are intent on finding a certain wine, pick up the telephone and give us a call. Chances are good that we’ll have the wine you want in stock. If not, well, you’ll get to talk to one of the friendly and knowledgeable people on our wine staff!

Better yet, visit our store in beautiful Rancho Santa Margarita, California and we’ll personally hook you up.