Congress has stayed too long at the fair! This has got to be stopped!


Congress has stayed too long at the fair! This has got to be stopped!

An article circulating the internet describes a new Bill being introduced through Congress that would make it illegal to use the internet while drinking or stumbling drunk. Specifically, the Bill would make it illegal to to discuss alcohol related matters over a public network, such as the internet.

The Bill, 010411, is sponsored by Congresswoman Lirpa Sloof, from Orange County, California. If passed, the Bill will give the FBI the authority to track the IP address and/or tap the phone lines of anyone who ‘uses or abuses alcohol’ while accessing the internet. Passage of the bill was felt to be certain because “Who wants to come out and support drunkenness and cyber discussions about wine, beer or heavy alcohol?”says Ms. Sloof.

The article offered this explanation for the origin of the bill: “The moniker ‘Information Highway’ itself seems to be responsible for 010411. As silly as this sounds, Congress apparently thinks being drunk on a highway is bad no matter what kind of highway it is.”

This nonsense from the Obama Administration appears to be never-ending. Passage of the Health Care Initiative was sure to draw out and embolden this sort of heavy handed governmental influence in our lives, but this takes the cake, IMHO.

Imagine no more wine reviews from Robert Parker, Steve Tanzer and the gaggle of writers at The Wine Spectator. Without sites like CellarTracker, which would now be illegal, how will we be able to choose which wine we should drink without guidance from fellow oenophiles? And forget BeerAdvocate or too. The public will not be able to leave their opinions of their favorite beers or wines for fear of being arrested.

I strongly encourage everyone who reads this post to pass it on and to contact the office of Congresswoman Lirpa Sloof to voice your opinion of this idiotic Bill.

For your convenience, here is her contact information:

Ms. Lirpa Sloof
Congresswoman, State of California, County of Orange
Office: 888-299-9463