Dandelions for Dinner?


Sure, they’re a headache in the yard, but with the proper preparation and ingredient pairings in the kitchen (bacon, garlic, maple syrup, etc.), dandelions can bring an assertive, delicious taste to a salad or pesto.

“But they’re weeds.”

My much better half is not, shall we say, “adventurous” when it comes to greens: A “real” salad is built around a wedge of iceberg or chopped romaine. Stewed collards are fine for New Year’s Eve, and sautéed spinach can make an occasional appearance at the dinner table. But that’s where the love ends. Forget arugula and radicchio, and don’t even think about frisee.
Dandelions are an assertive green, just ask any gardener who’s had to battle them on the front lawn or in cracks on the driveway. Unwanted, any greens are “weeds.”

Can you pair wine with dandelions? Yes you can! Young red wines work well with bitter greens, wild herbs, and olives.
Try the Frescobaldi 2011 Castiglioni Chianti, rated 90 points and under $10.00.

But have you ever bitten into a dandelion leaf? The flavor is tangy, even borderline bitter, with a definite texture. It’s an assertiveness that can work wonders in the kitchen, provided you know how to . . .

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