Daou Vineyards – Is It The New “Jewel” of Paso Robles?


Paso Robles has exploded with new wineries, most of which are up and running and can be taste tested any day of the week. The newcomer to this still rural city is Daniel Daou of Daou Vineyards, which cannot be visited by the public . . . yet. I’ve had the honor to come to know owner/winemaker Daniel Daou and to have visited his vineyard property where the winery will be built some day and to drink his wines early. I personally think this IS the new Jewel of Paso Robles and here’s why:

The vineyards and winery site are on the right side of the 101 (right means the west side). But lots of good Paso wineries are. What makes Daou’s property unique is “where” it is located on the west side. The year old vines have been planted at an elevation of 2,200 feet in the Adelaida Mountains.

Check out this video of Daou Vineyards! A truly stunning property!

This is one huge pile of limestone rock, ideal for making a French influenced wine. IMHO, the best French wines are ones that are grown in limestone vineyards and that fact is not lost on Daniel.

If you get a chance to have a personal tour of the property, what strikes you is how beautiful the views are and how meticulous the vineyards look. It’s straight out of a movie. It’s immediately obvious that Daniel has spared no expense in doing this right and that’s he’s very serious about his wines becoming the best there is in Paso Robles.

Most new vineyards today are carefully plotted, soil tested, charted and planned, down to the root stocks that should be planted. If the company who performed this plan said to use treated lumber, Daniel bought the most expensive posts. If the plan said to plant $2.50 root stocks, Daniel “upgraded” to the $3.50 root stocks and so it goes with every item. This guy is serious about being the best! What makes this idyllic scene even more beautiful is to see the striking difference with his neighbors vineyards. Picture someone who has built a mansion on their property while their neighbor’s property is trailer trash!

Even though Daniel’s vineyards have yet to produce a cluster of grapes, he’s already making wine with an impressive team that is practicing for the big day these beautiful vines begin their journey to fame. Paso Robles typically doesn’t make wines in a French style, yet this is clearly where Daniel is heading. His wines are not your usual fruit bomb, alcohol heavy reds that are typically produced in Paso. These are elegant, finely structured wines that need time in the bottle to evolve. These are wines that will richly reward your patience.

As a retailer, I’d prefer to hoard Daniel Daou to myself and my customers, but I have a feeling that he’s not going to need my help for very long. My prediction is that his winery will quickly ascend to cult status like some of Paso’s famous wineries; Alban, Saxum and Paul Lato to name a few, with all of his wines being purchased off the mailing list or wine club. So I’m giving you a valuable tip – sign up with this guy today! You can thank me by purchasing the wines I can get from Daniel now!

Hopefully my gratuitous sucking up will see Daniel allocating a few cases for our lucky store customers each year (hint, hint, hint)!