Do What You Love – No Excuses!


There are various ways to waste time on your computer… while at work, home or for that matter while you are pretending to work. Facebook, The Chive, TFLN and the list goes on. Well, luckily for you readers today I have just provided you with a great time killer that you can convince anyone its’ ‘research!’

Okay, humor aside TED talks are eye-opening forums created by a non-profit organization that does provide extremely insightful facets into Industry and the opinions of those that should be heard more often than not. TED = Technology, Education, Design and they let  influential industry members rant and rave about various aspects of life.  I suggest checking to see if any of your industry idols have spoken. You will not regret wasting a couple minutes (or hours, like I tend to do) hearing great minds share their thoughts.

In this blog we are featuring an influential wine Industry member, Gary Vaynerchuk. You may disagree with his take on the wine industry, you may not. Regardless of your personal feelings on him, he does provide some thoughts on taking your passion to the next level. Take the time to follow this link and watch his TED talk Do What You Love – NO EXCUSES!

Once you have done that come back to the blog.

After watching this and taking some time to think about my own career course, I took away a few key aspects…

1) Hustle.

Your life will come at you, whether you were an active participant or not. I decided to be an active participant by joining the Wine Industry. You have never met more people that hustle in this industry. If you weren’t interested in wine, you would quickly find an escape path.

2) What do you Love? vs. What are you Passionate about?

I know in his title he throws the word love around, I think passionate needs to be the word tossed around more. For example; I love bicycles, in fact I have a collection of bicycles. I could ride a different one every day of the week if I wanted to. That does not mean I will ever open a bike shop and get giddy over a Bianchi, Cafe Racer and their coveted Celeste green with every customer that walks through the door. I would hate that, actually. Love is not necessarily Passion.

I am passionate about wine. When a wine comes into the store that is begging to be tried for any number of reasons; such as, it is grown on its’ own rootstock, it is blended so uniquely or it comes from 100 year old vines – you can’t help but stop and appreciate the craftsmanship that flows into each bottle.

I believe that this is what Vaynerchuk is trying to make clear to his audience. When you do something that you are passionate about you are providing yet another way for you to express yourself. I believe Wine is an expression; whether you make it, sell it or just consume it. It doesn’t hurt that consuming this beverage is far more fun than almost any other beverage, either!

Author: Erica Davis, Sommelier

Feel free to share your comments and thoughts!