Can sex sell wine?



Shopping by the label is nothing new, but I’ve been paying more attention to who buys what as it relates to labels.  I’ve noticed that most of our younger clientele, people between the ages of 21-25, are  steering clear of the wine and are pulled towards our killer selections of beer instead.  My only conclusion for this is price but also very hip labeling on the beers.

It got me thinking, maybe these wine labels aren’t that cheesy afterall – maybe they’re smart!  Perhaps pictures of Chateaus on bottles and prices out of range are responsible for the younger set staying away.  Wineries are alienating a large group of potential customers by not promoting to them in a way that they find appealing. Marketing 101 folks!

In my humble opinion, the demographics of people ages 21-25 think of wine as being for people their parents age. Misfits Wine Co. get’s it by putting cool comic strip style sexy women on their bottles of wine. What’s wrong with a little pandering to promote wine as being sexy and fun instead of serious and stuffy.  People in that demographic may be easily lured by the promise of sex, but they do have other thoughts in their head.  I think whatever it takes to get their attention is fine. Once you have it, I believe they will be captivated by the wine industry and become interested in learning more. Bottom line here, wineries should take a lesson from the hot craft beer business.

There are plenty of great wines out there that are in young peoples price range.  I decided to do a write up on  Misfits Wine Co, Cycle Buff Beauty.  The label is pretty hot. The wine is an Australian blend of 80% Malbec and 20% Shiraz with the flavor of dark cherry and exotic kitchen spices, sweet black berries with more spice in the mouth, and it’s all held together by fine grained tannins.  This wine was given an 87 by International Wine Cellar and sells for $15.98 at Amazing Grapes Wine Store. I give it high marks for a pretty good wine in really good packaging and being easy on the wallet!