Got anything new??


I get asked that question a lot.  After being in the wine business for a while now, I usually respond “What kind of wines do you like?”  Of course there are a few who will respond to that “Oh, I drink everything!”.  So, I start to show them a few new wines and they almost always say – “I’m not really a Chardonnay, or Syrah or whatever I am showing them – do you have anything similar to Silver Oak or Caymus, etc.”

Well, I’m glad they at least want to “look” at the new stuff, but, honestly people, we have a huge wine world out there and plenty of great and tasty wines.  We also have a wine bar and we try to put up a few lesser known wines for you to experiment with.  We want to expand your horizons, why?  Well, We get bored with the same old thing everyday and besides that, new wines come in and go out of fashion and we need to be able to present those to you.

So what am I trying to tell you?  Try something a little different once in a while – you never know what you might find.  I have tried wines from just about everywhere they grow grapes and I must say, for the most part they are decent wines – some take a bit getting used to, and there are a few I will never understand (Retsina) and a few discoveries I wish I could get more of (Tannat from Uruguay, or Tempranillo from Argentina – open for 10 days before showing any sign of oxidation).  Will these be the next big thing??  Who knows, but, I will keep looking for it.

So, just once in a while, try something a little different, something new – it might not be the next big thing, but it might become one of you new favorites.

Jeffrey Hall

Aussie Wine Buyer, Amazing Grapes