Is Starbucks late to the party?


I don’t know if this is world breaking news, but it did catch  my eye.  Starbucks is  adding wine and beer to their menu at a few locations,  in order to test the waters.  I seriously think they should have done this from the get go!   What were they waiting for,  it’s a total no brainer!  Coffee Shops do most of their business in the early part of the day, the obvious add on to the menu is booze and a Happy Hour.  Cafes across France and most of southern Europe have been doing this successfully for years, not to mention they sell tobacco to boot.  It comes as no surprise to me that they were victorious, and that the guinea pig locations have doubled their afternoon traffic since adding beer and wine.

I work at Amazing Grapes Wine Store and we have one of the most over the top selections of Craft Beers ever to be seen.  I also have a mind that never stops and this whole Starbucks deal got me thinking, why doesn’t Starbucks come up with their own line of Craft Beers.  They could do cool flavored beers similar to the coffee drinks they’re so famous for.  I tried the Young’s Double Chocolate Stout during my research for this story.  This was the real deal, I tasted the dark chocolate,  but it wasn’t so sweet that I forgot I was drinking a beer.  Just look at the frothy foamy glass of beer and how can you  not envision the same thing but with a Starbucks logo?  I for one will be the first in line at my local Starbucks should they start doing their own beers!

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