Is Wine Only For The “One Percent?”


Or maybe it’s better asked this way: Is wine elitist?

I have heard this a lot from blogs and wine writers as of late.  I am very confused!?!  I work in the Wine Industry and have for over 12 years now, Elitist?  Hmm, not how I would describe it.  The great majority of us are middle class working folks, hardly elitists.  Yes, I have some friends who work as Sommeliers for some very exclusive establishments, but none of them are elitist.  The group of people that own this store are certainly not elitists.

So, where does this “elitist” stigma come from?  Is it the wine itself?

And it’s not from the customers I have had in the store as they range from some of the worlds wealthiest to everyday people that just want a nice $10 wine for dinner.  To further debunk the elitist tag, I can tell you with authority that the more money people have does not make them a wine elitist. In fact they tend to like to find the same good value wines that the rest of us do.

So, why the disconnect?  Why do some want to see wine as elitist? Does anyone who listened to President Obama’s state of the union address last night remember hearing anything about wine being a culprit?

To my knowledge, wine is an agricultural product picked by people in fields off of plants.  This would seem to put wine in the same category as apples or cabbage; at least up to this point.  It is after the grapes are picked that the transformation into wine takes place. Have you ever visited a winery’s cellar room when they are making wine?  That’s hardly an elitist hangout.  How about the bottling line . . . , nope, none there either.  I got it, it must be in the Tasting Rooms right? Well occasionally, but for the most part they are a really fun bunch of people too.

So, is wine elitist?  Absolutely not!  If it is at all intimidating to you, please stop by and ask me all the questions you want.  I often marvel at the people I see in the grocery stores staring at labels and guessing which wine will be good as there is NO help for you in these stores at all. That’s why you should shop for wine in a wine store that specializes in helping you make a good decision. That . . . is what I am here for!

There are no “stupid” questions – I have probably asked all of them at one time or another myself – so, never feel that you are being dumb or showing that you don’t know much. Trust me, some of the best information I get comes not from industry people, but our customers who have learned about wine in their travels, asking questions.  You would be amazed what I have learned.

So go ahead, ask away. You’ll be happy you did!

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