Just Breathe!


“Breathe in, Breathe out, Move on!”

Although it’s one of my favorite lines from a Jimmy Buffett tune, what I’m talking about here is wine. Does it “really” need to breathe? My emphatic, no-nonsense answer is YES! A customer at our wine bar who shall remain nameless recently ordered a taste of the ’05 Peter Franus Red Wine that we were pouring that week. I had it the night before and was blown away by its huge oak, smooth mouth feel and reminiscent of a much more expensive Cab (a steal at only $39.98 here at Amazing Grapes, by the way!).

Based on my experience, I was so anxious to serve it to our customer and was so confident in my recommendation that it bordered on arrogance. He took one sip and made this face that indicated to me he did not approve of my recommendation! Gasp! I asked, “Well? Wasn’t that the bomb? He said, “Ummm, not so much.” I didn’t realize that by the time I had tried that wine the night before, it had been decanted, Vinturi’d (yes, that’s a word!) and had been breathing for a good two hours.

Seeing as how this is a patient man and a loyal Amazing Grapes customer, he ordered a couple other wines by the pour. He had slowly and patiently sipped the Franus over the next two hours and by the time he was ready to drink it, he said the Franus was quite enjoyable. The lesson I learned that evening was that I should have instinctively aerated the wine into his glass upon ordering.

My first choice for aeration is the Vinturi. We sell it here at Amazing Grapes for $29.98, which is about $10 below retail. According to Vinturi’s website, “When wine is poured in the Vinturi, its internal design creates an increase in the wine’s velocity and a decrease in its pressure. This pressure difference draws in air which is mixed with wine for perfect aeration.” I could not have said it better myself.

So next time you’re in the store, or even online placing your order, add a Vinturi to your cart and aerate your wine. If you already own one, pick up a Vinturi for white wine, or one for a friend. You will be happy you did!