Meet Cindy, our guest from France.


We were fortunate to have Cindy Mouranchan walk through our doors a few months ago telling us she needed to work at a retail wine store in order to complete her degree. “So what?” you ask.

Well, Cindy happens to be from Cote du Rhone, France and has a very extensive knowledge of French wines – that’s why we’re fortunate! So we’ve been busy putting Cindy through the retail paces and here is her first Amazing Grapes Blog post. I decided not to edit it, but to leave it just as she wrote it so that you can enjoy the charm of Cindy’s accent in this article. Lucky for us, we get to enjoy her accent every day! We hope you like her article.

Greg Schroeder – Owner

The Rhone Valley

Of course, all French people are chauvinistic. That’s why, Im gonna talk to you about the most beautiful area in the world: “The Rhone Valley”.

What makes this area magic is the mass of different Terroirs that you can find there. Those give to our high colour wines, complexity, harmony and elegance.

The cote du Rhone vineyards run along the banks of the Rhone River between Lyon and Avignon and it is divided into 2 areas: Northern Rhône, and Southern Rhône.

About the Northern Rhone, the great majority of wine made here is made from the Syrah grape, and the region’s most famous wines are the deep-flavoured, long-lived red Hermitage and the delicate Côte Rôtie. You can find in this area the most complex wines from Rhône Valley.

In the Southern Rhone you will taste a lot of character wines: sometimes temperamental, gentle and pleasant, big and bold or prim and proper. Châteauneuf du Pape appellation is a perfect demonstration with these 13 grapes varieties and 4 different type of soil. However, when the Papacy was established in Avignon in the 14th Century, Châteauneuf-du-Pape was selected to be the Pope’s summer residence. The seven successive Popes encouraged the wine production and the expanding of the vineyards. The strict way in which wine has been produced has remained a constant factor throughout the history of these vineyards, and acted as the basis for certain provisions when the A.O.C legislation was being drawn up. Châteauneuf-du-Pape was consecrated a Local A.O.C. in 1936.

Like my former boss told me: “even a dimwit would do a good wine there!”

That’s why it’s a big holy deal

Now, enjoy yourselves! The wide range of Côtes du Rhône wines is big enough to satisfy your palate in all circumstances:

If you need more information, I will be please to meet you at the shop. Just ask for Cindy.