Oprah knows good WINE!


Whenever I think of Thanksgiving Dinner I think of good times.  I love to start my celebrations with some bubbly!

We are all gearing up for the holidays, and stocking up on booze and wine to help  keep everyone in a festive mood.  The Champagne and Sparklers have started to arrive down at AMAZING GRAPES.   Since this gorgeous bottle arrived I was intrigued. I’m a Malbec lover and this is a sparkling Malbec.

This wine also made “The O List” as  “A few things we think are great”  and the also cover of The Oprah Magazine.  Oprah has amazing taste, and again she hits the mark with this suggestion.  I get really giddy when I find something new, and to put the cherry on the cake,  it’s not only  sparkling but it is also going to go great with the traditional Thanksgiving Dinner.

The wine is a rich cherry red, thanks to the Malbec and I got baked rhubarb pie and toasty-yeast on the nose.  You definitely taste the Malbec but this wine is somehow still light on its feet, crisp dry and very refreshing, with delicate tannins.  I think this sparkling beauty will go very well with Thanksgiving Dinner….

REGINATO 08′  Celestina Rose’ of Malbec  $13.98