Satiated in Seattle


spinasse pasta


Seems like the only articles I write are about Seattle eateries. Well, it just so happens that I really like Seattle eateries!

Our most recent trip was to Seattle to celebrate New Years eve. The fact that I even made it to midnight is a feat all on its own, but I did – and had a blast doing it!

1531 14th Ave., Seattle, WA; 206-251-7673

We ate at Spinasse on the night before New Years. This was our second trip to this Capital Hill restaurant. Their website sums it up – they’ve been labeled as producing Pasta Porn! All of their pastas are handmade at the restaurant and the quality comes screaming through on all of their dishes.

My wife and I shared the Tajarin. A signature of the restaurant since it opened, this egg-y Piemontese pasta comes simply dressed with butter and sage, or (as in the photograph) topped with ragu. We’ve had both, but prefer the ragu version. I know this will invoke fights at the restaurant, but . . .

The other dish was the Pansoti con noce,  their winter green “potbelly” ravioli with walnuts. We also shared the Cavoletti di Bruxelles – Brussel sprouts with pine nuts and Carote al forno – Red Scarlet Nantes carrots roasted with sage. Our starter was a plate of oven roasted leeks swimming in a Bechemel sauce. Seriously, if you were a vegetarian, you would call this place “Veggie Porn” – they were all that!

Since this is technically an Italian restaurant, their entire wine list is comprised of Italian wines. Trust your server to find something that will compliment all of the foods at the table. You won’t be disappointed. We weren’t!

926 12th Ave., Seattle, WA; 206-323-5275

New Years eve had us dining at Lark. It’s a quaint, house-type structure that is very cute inside – warm and comfortable. They had a prix fixe meal this evening so I won’t go over the entrees as I’m not sure they’re offered on their regular menu. Needless to say, each of the four courses were magnificent. They also have a decent wine selection with $$ selections that won’t break the bank.

Cannon: Whiskey and Bitters Emporium
928 12th Ave., Seattle, WA

After our dinner, the icing on the cake this evening was a stop next door at Cannon: Whiskey and Bitters Emporium. This is one for the Bucket List! If you want a really, really well made cocktail, by people who give a damn about what you are going to drink  – it doesn’t get any better than this. Check out this photo show to see what I mean. Best Whiskey Sour I’ve ever had – period! A special thank you to our hostess who found me at the door pouting and let the four of us in. (We found a sign on the door that said it was closed to reservations that evening). She happen to have 3 seats at the bar.

NOTE: This bar is serious fun for serious drinkers. If you are a Bud Light guy – fugettaboutit!