Some Interesting Beer Myths Blown to Pieces



Found a great article today that I wanted to share with our readers. It deals with beer myths such as; Does beer taste better when it’s served ice cold or served nearer ideal wine temperatures?

One of my favorite questions in this article, which we hear at the store often, involves canned vs. bottled beers – which tastes better? It’s akin to screw caps vs. corks for wine bottles. It’s really a common sense answer, but can you deal with it?

Lastly, the ubiquitous beer gut and healthy vs. unhealthy drink debates. What’s interesting here is the argument that red wines are actually a “healthy” drink and that beer is not. Both beer and wine have what are called polyphenols. In wines, they are known as resveretrol and are widely considered good for you. Care to guess which one actually has more polyphenols in them?

I love it when a good myth goes up in flames. So do many people or the TV show Myth Busters wouldn’t be nearly as popular as it is!

Click here to read the entire article at Men’s Health.