This Ain’t Your Mom and Dad’s Lambrusco!


In my early days of drinking wine, I gravitated to a fizzy, semisweet wine-cooler concoction known as Riunite Lambrusco. I’m sure you can relate to others like Boone’s Farm or Lancer’s Rose, that have become a joke among serious wine-lovers. But it was no joke to me – it was my first wine love!

Fact is – I liked it and to some degree I miss it! So imagine my delight to find this wine on our sales floor, surrounded by Brunello’s and Barberesco’s. How this one escaped me I’ll never know, but there it was, staring up at me saying “Hey old buddy, give me another shot.” So I did and guess what, real Lambrusco has as much to do with the sugary industrial stuff as white Zinfandel resembles a good Paso Robles Zin.

While many versions of Lambrusco exist today, a good Lambrusco is dry and fresh, frothy and almost purple in its classic version,  but full of tangy fruit and subtle, earthy flavors that are ideal with a Thanksgiving meal or when eating charcuterie. In fact, Lambrusco pairs perfectly with any rich, flavorful Italian foods. I’ve since learned that few things are better than a glass of chilled Lambrusco with a plate of cured meats like prosciutto and salami, and a chunk of Parmigiano-Reggiano.

All you closet Riunite Lambrusco lovers need to come back to your first love as I’m going to let you in on a little secret — Lambrusco is just right for Thanksgiving! It’s festive, it’s got a little sweetness to go with the sweeter dishes on the holiday table and best of all, it’s affordable and in stock now at Amazing Grapes Wine Store!

Tenuta Pederzana Lambrusco Grasparossa – $15.98
Tasting Notes: The red vivid color with violet hues line the glass with a rosy froth. The wine holds a characteristic scent that resembles fruits of the forest and mature wild cherries. The wine is often accompanied with egg pasta, yet is paired well with various fried dishes, quiches, baked vegetable dishes or lasagna; also great with pizza.