Victoria’s Secrets!!


No not that one – that is another blog entirely!  Though the boss does keep getting that catalog.  Anyway, this is about the State of Victoria in Australia and some of the awesome wines they make and sell at fantastic prices, really, I cannot believe that we can get such world class wines at such a small tariff – not sure if they are just too modest or just really like selling lots of great wines, maybe it’s just the stream of happy faces that leave their cellar doors everyday, whatever, I’m liking them a lot.

Talk about wines that totally dispel the “Aussie wine myths”, the wines of Victoria encompass quite a few growing area’s but, I will confine myself to the area’s we have represented in Amazing Grapes.

Yarra Valley is just north of Melbourne and has quite a few popular wineries with the day trippers from the big city.  Victoria’s first vineyard was planted in 1838 at Yering Station by the Ryrie brothers of Scotland and over the years changed hands several times until the Rathbone family bought it in 1996.  The winery, called Yering Station, makes some really fine examples of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and maybe my favorite Shiraz/Viognier.

Yering Station 2008 Shiraz Viognier has become a standard bearer for Shiraz in Australia.  It is made in a cooler climate that focuses on its minerality and structure as much as the abundant and pristine fruit that makes this so good to drink with so many foods.  This wine really is not all about block busting big in your face power at all, the power it has comes from its harmony in just about everyway, it is a very balanced Shiraz that will last a long time and is really something those who are not yet sold on Australian wines should have a go at before they give up entirely.  I am very excited to be able to offer this wine at just $16.98; I mean it beats the crap out of wines 3, 4 or 5 times the price.

Mount Langi Ghiran is located in the Great Dividing Range in the Grampians region of Victoria.  It is very isolated and incredibly beautiful.  The vines were first planted in 1870

But were replanted by the Frantin brothers in 1963.  They in turn hired Trevor Mast in 1978, who really made the winery what it is today.  Dan Buckle is now the winemaker and he has carried on what Trevor started. They make several really great wines including some fantastic Riesling and a killer Sparkling Shiraz.  The 2007 Mount Langi Ghiran Billi Billi Shiraz is an incredible Shiraz showing really nice dark berry and plum fruits along with a good amount of that Shiraz spiciness.  This is just seriously good shiraz and it is MLG’s entry level!!!  It truly does not get much better for the measly $13.98 it costs for this Shiraz!

Lastly we have a few wines from Taltarni a relatively young winery started in 1969 in the Pyrenees region of Victoria.  They make a whole range of wines from Sparkling to great Shiraz and Cabernets.  There 2007 Three Monks Cabernet Merlot is a really nice blend that is almost Bordeaux like.  The wine has very good fruit and structure, nice ripe tannins, not at all over the top or fruit bomb like.  This is a wine that will go great with just about anything from the grill.  It can stand up to a big meaty steak but, at this price would be just at home with a burger or even grilled chicken.  At $15.98 it is really tough to beat.

These wines just scratch the surface of what Victoria has to offer, please try these “other” Australian wines.

Jeffrey Hall

Aussie wine buyer