Wine Bar Etiquette – To Cologne or Not


If you’ve been into Amazing Grapes Wine Store, you know that we boast a beautiful wine bar. And if you’ve been to the wine bar, chances are  you’ve attended one of our awesome wine bar tasting events. These are pretty cool, laid back, fun times, but  . . .  one of the hardest things we have to deal with is someone who is wearing way to much cologne or perfume.

As a general rule, wearing cologne or perfume to a wine bar, or a wineries tasting room, is frowned upon. True oenophile’s will shoot you some pretty ugly stares. To be fair, wine bars and tasting rooms are not  your ordinary drinking holes, where perfume and cologne are required to cover the stench of spilled beer on the carpet! But wine bars operate primarily to educate and train people who want to experience and appreciate the tasting of wine, where all of your senses are called upon.

Aside from visually taking in the beauty of wine and anticipating its complexity one needs to get their nose in the glass and really get a good whiff of the wine they are about to enjoy. If the person next to you is wearing perfume, even the lightest of applications can throw off your nose and even change the entire aroma of the wine. And that’s when the angry stares happen!

I realize I’m walking a pretty fine line by writing about this subject, but my purpose in doing so is to recruit your help in approaching “how” to politely tell someone they should not wear cologne or perfume to a wine bar, especially on a night when people often build their entire evening around the tasting event.

Your suggestions are welcome!